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Native American Drums

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This page has some frequently asked questions about Native American Drums for Sale, When you Buy Native American Drums from us you it will come with Drum beater and Williams Certificate of Authenticity, Native American chokers For Sale and Authentic Native American Medicine Bags. If you have any unanswered questions, feel free to contact us via our webpages brief contact form, e-mail [email protected], call or text 1-501-622-6720

Are your stones real:
All of our Gemstones are natural unless otherwise stated, such as any color in enhancement.
In some pieces we may use Shell, Bone, or Glass, if this is the case it will be listed in the description.

What are your Drums made of :
We make the Drums on maple and Cedar wood frames, and use a variety of rawhides such as Deer, Elk, Buffalo, Moose,  Each Drum will specify which hide has been used.

Are your Earwires Hypo-Allergenic:
All of our earwires are Surgical Steel (hypo-allergenic) unless otherwise stated such as Copper or Antique Brass

Do your Native Items come with a Certificate of Authenticity:
Yes. All items will come with a Certificate or will be signed by the Artist.

Beaded Arrows:
Wooden Shaft with hand knapped stone arrowhead, turkey feathers with an overall length of 36"

Feather Fans:
Hand crafted wooden handle covered in various color of deer leather.
Large handle 9" long
Small handle 7" long
Turkey wing, tail, and breast feathers are used. Some may also have rabbit fur or some beading decorations.

Prayer Feather:
A single turkey tail or wing feather with deer leather sewn on to quill: with fringe hanging down.

Talking Feather:
Made with a wooden base 16" long about an 1" circumference wrapped and sewn in various colors of deer leather with a small amount of rabbit fur located at top and bottom. Horse hair extending from bottom, with a turkey tail or wing feather extending from top.
The deer leather will have some beading decorations in various colors.

Hand held circular drums made of maple frames come in sizes of 8", 10", 12", 13", 15", 18", and 20" .
Hand held octagon drum frames made of cedar come in sizes of 10", 13", 15", 17".
Powwow Drum frames made of maple comes in sizes of 24"x 12", 26"x 12", 28" x 12", and
30"x 14"
Hand held drums can be covered in the following rawhides: Deer, Buffalo, Elk, Moose, and Cow bleached and natural.

Painted Drums:
Rawhide drums in various sizes that I have painted on with oil paints.

Painted Feathers:
Various feathers (turkey, waterfowl, etc.) that have been painted on with Acrylic paints. Painting are framed and matted. Painting are of Native American Dancers, various animals, etc.

Painted Feather Hat Pins:
Feathers are cropped small painted on and then have a pin attachment at top.

Painted Feather Earrings:
Feathers are cropped small painted on and then have an earwire attachment.

Deer Leather Headband:
Made of braided deer leather, finished piece is ½" wide. Can be adjusted for good fit.

Deer Leather Bags:
Hand sewn deer leather bags in various sizes and colors, some with fringe and some without
Sizes 2x2 ¾, up to a 9x10.

Fringed Knife Sheath:
Made of rawhide form and deer leather covering, will accommodate a knife blade up to 2" x 7".
Is made to hang from belt.

Navajo Flutes:
Made of pine, however comes in various finishes, and can come with various totem animals
(bear, buffalo, eagle, wolf, turtle, horse) and a instruction booklet with practice scales and cleaning tips.

Native Chokers:
Chokers come in 2,3, & 4 strands with & without drops, we use deer leather & bone spacers, bone hair pipe, gemstone, glass. All chokers are strung with artificial sinew and have deer leather ends.

Gemstone Jewelry:
All jewelry is made using either gemstones, shell, bone, glass and various metals such as Antique Brass, Copper, Silver Plate, Gold Plate, Sterling Silver, and Non-tarnish Brass.

Wire Wrapped Pendants:
Using various stones, shells, glass and various wire such as Non-Tarnish, Antique Brass, Copper, Sterling Silver, Non-tarnish Brass.

Feather Earrings:
Various feather such as Turkey, Pheasant, Rode Island Reds, Polish Chickens, & Guinea .
All earwires are surgical steel.

Various gemstones, crystals, bone, shell, glass and wood. All earrings have surgical steel earwirs unless other wise stated such as antique brass or copper.

Dream Catchers:
Vine and leather wrapped rings, woven with artificial sinew. We use various gemstones, bone, shell and glass in the webs. They range in sizes from 2" up to 18". Various feathers are used for the drops that hang down.

Cherokee Baskets:
Basket reeds are hand picked, dyed and woven.

Horse Hair, Banded Horse Hair, Fine Etched, Acoma, & Blackhorse Pottery.

Pottery Christmas Ornaments:
Horse Hair, Blackhorse, & Fine Etched

Navajo Kachinas:

19" length with rawhide form covered in deer leather with fringe. Decorated with beads and turkey feathers. Comes with 2 arrows.

Decorative Bow & Arrow Sets:
Bows are covered in various colors of deer leather, some with medicine wheels, quivers, bone knives, & medicine bags. All with fringe, beads, & feathers.

Navajo & Zuni Sterling Silver Jewelry:
Earrings, Cuff Bracelets, Pendants, Rings Male & Female, Watches Male & Female, Necklaces, Lighter Cases, Bolos.

Seed Beaded Pieces:
Keychains, Cuff Bracelets, Hair Piece w/ Stick and Matching Earrings, Medicine Bags, Earrings.

Bone Knives
Bone blades with antler or wooded handles wrapped in deer leather with fringe, and rabbit fur.

Homeland Security, Grey or Tan
American Love It or Give It Back Tan only
Sm to 3x

Tools (for jewelry making)
Round Nose, Chain Nose, Wide Nose, Crimp pliers, Bail making pliers, Flush Cutters,
Bench Blocks, Chasing Hammers, Anvil, Flat Nylon Jaw Pliers & Replacement tips,

All gemstones, pearls, glass, bone & shell strands will be 16" in length unless otherwise indicated.

Breast Plate:
Made with bone & glass and brass beads
Size varies

War Shirt:
Deer leather, with bone & glass beads, horse and bear paw painted on chest.

Native American Artist

Made with glass, crystals, & gemstone beads, has magnet clasp, approximately 19" with hook.

Soleless Sandals
Made from 100% Hemp, it is a macramé square knot design.

Deer Leather Hair Wraps:
Made of deer leather in various colors. They come 13" & 22" length.

Eye Glass Holders:
Made of glass beads, lengths range from 13 to 16 inches.

Gold or silver plate 5" shepard hook with various stones, glass, bone, shell, pearl and crystal beaded drops.

California White Sage 4" bundles, 8" bundles, and 1 ounce bags.
Sweetgrass braids 24" length

Abalone Shells 4 to 6"
Wooden stands 6"